1.May 2009. exhibition in the gallery «Art Hall» Vyborg.

2.In the May — June 2009. Exhibition at the St. Petersburg State Technological University of Plant

polymers. St. Petersburg.

3.December 2010 exhibition at the gallery ZAVOD. St. Petersburg.

4.avgust 2011 exhibition at the Gallery of Victoria Ivanova in Ryazan.

5.October 2011 exhibition in gallery «firefighter museum» in Riga. (Latviya.)

6.January-February 2012. Exhibition in Trieste (Italy).

7.January-February 2012. The exhibition in the Central Library № 271 F.V.Gladkova name. Moscow

8.February-April 2012. Exhibition in Belgorod Art Museum. Belgorod.

9. June — August. 2012. Exhibition Gallery studio «Behemoth.» St. Petersburg.

10.Avgust — Oct. 2012.The exhibition at the City art-Hall of the State Exhibition Grodno. Belarus.

11. September — October.2012 Exhibition in Kavasso Nuovo. Italy

12. from February 8 to February 17, 2013 Exhibition Gallery Quadreria Bovara Reina. Malgrate. (Italy)

13. February — March 2013. Exhibition Gallery «Fire Museum» in Riga. (Latviya.)

14. May 2012 solo exhibition at the gallery «Orleansky» (Amsterdam)

15. 2010 «I museum photobienalle» (St. Petersburg, Russian Museum, Marble Palace)

16. 2012 «II museum photobienalle» (St. Petersburg, Russian Museum, Marble Palace)

17. 2012 SWPA exhibition in Somerset House, London

18. 2009 exhibition TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT (Austria)